Hi, my name is Kelli Ercolano and I’m an illustrator based in New York City. I work in different mediums usually incorporating pen, marker, and watercolor and will eventually expand my skill set beyond that. I once ambitiously purchased a tattoo machine but it’s still sitting unboxed on my floor, so let’s move on from that.

Currently, I am working on the Downtown Collective, a project dedicated to visually preserving all of the places I’ve fallen in love with – grungy dive bars and trendy cafés - each in their own idiosyncratic glory.

I am in love with the various elements that different cities are comprised of - the people, the storefronts, the architecture, and the restaurants. There are about 50,000 bars and restaurants in New York City - each of them so unique from one another that thinking about certain ones can transport you back to a specific time or place. I am obsessed with the idea of capturing special moments and evoking those memories so that’s what I intend to do through my art.

Inquiries? Don’t @ me but you can email me: Kelli@kelliercolano.com